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Fun Facts about Multiplication for the Numbers One to Twelve

Date Added: February 21, 2011 02:21:13 PM
Author: Olivia Chandler
Category: Education

The numbers one through twelve have tricks that can help factor multiplication problems faster, without the need for total memorization.

One is an easy number to multiply with other numbers, as any number multiplied by one will remain the same.

When a number is multiplied by two, it can also be viewed as being added to itself, for example: 2x6=12 and 6+6=12.

A rule for three helps check your work, but does not help in the speed of the multiplication.

The number three produces multiples that will always add up to three, six, or nine, take a look at this example to see how: 2x3=6 and 3+3=6, 3x12=36 and 3+6=9.

The easiest multiple next to one, zero, and ten, is often considered to be the number five.

See how each multiple of five is only five away from the previous or next multiple: 0x5=0, 1x5=5, 2x5=10, and the proof of addition is, 0+5=5, 5+5=10, and 10+5=15.

Another fun multiplication trick is with the number six, but only works with even numbers.

The answer from multiplying an even number with six will always end in the same number as the multiplier, 6x2=12, and 6x8=48.

With more than one crafty trick, nine is the next number with memorization techniques for multiplication. One can factor what the number being multiplied to nine is by first using multiplication by ten and then subtracting the multiplier from that answer, 9x3=10x3-3.

In another example, 9x3=27, and 3-1=2, 2+7=9, another quick trick is revealed by reverting to the previous number and then counting up to nine.

Learning the multiplication tables of ten is as simple as adding a zero to whatever is being multiplied: 10x2=20, 10x9=90, and 10x15=150.

Doubling up is all one needs to do when multiplying by the number eleven (for all whole numbers up to nine); such as, 2x11=22 and 5x11=55.

Eleven carries on with another multiplication trick for the numbers ten through eighteen.The sum of the number multiplying eleven is written between the actual number, 11x17=1 (1+7) 7, 187

Recall the multiplication table for ten to reveal a multiplication trick for the number twelve.Add together the results of multiplying the number by ten and two, to arrive at the answer: 12x5=60 and (10x5) + (2x5) =60.

Flash cards are a great quizzing tool for recalling the multiplication tables, but tips and tricks will assist factoring in examination and in real life applications.

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